Last Call for Freedom

While Black Lives and All
American Lives Still Matter

Nick Noel 


The Land of Freedom and Prosperity

      Americans live in a land of freedom, security, peace, and prosperity today because the United States was founded on the principle that all people possess natural rights granted by God, and because of the limited government our founders designed and built to protect our freedom. 

But Our Country and Our Freedom are Collapsing

Our country and our freedom are collapsing today because Americans who oppose our founding principles of equal freedom and natural rights are winning their relentless fight to destroy the limited government our founders built to protect our freedom.

Their fight has evolved from slavery to segregation to socialism, while they keep millions of black Americans poor, poorly educated, and trapped on urban plantations amid crime and violence.

Our $19 trillion national debt effectively enslaves our grandchildren. Millions of us depend on a bankrupt Social Security System which has no actual fund from which to pay benefits and no legal obligation to pay.

Our leaders are dismantling our national defense and helping our enemies obtain nuclear bombs and other weapons to kill us.  They refuse to defend our borders, and focus their efforts on controlling us.

They have brought us to the brink of not only losing our freedom, but of losing our ability to ever restore it by destroying the Constitutionís ability to protect our rights.  Most of us know something is wrong, but have no idea how close we are to losing everything we have.

We Can Still Save Our Freedom If We Do It Now

This new book explains exactly how we got here and what we must do to preserve our freedom without a new American Revolution or Civil War.

Today, the time to save our freedom is now or never.


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