When people live together in freedom, each person's freedom must be limited

by the right of others to be free, but no more than necessary for that purpose.


The Rise and Fall of Freedom

in the

United States of America

Nick Noel


How did the United States become the greatest nation in the world
and the greatest force for freedom in world history?


What has made our country stronger and more prosperous than others?
"Freedom" is the most important part of the answer, but freedom alone could never have built this.


What has caused the decline of our freedom, our strength, and our prosperity?

What is causing us to lose it all, much more rapidly than most realize?


The Rise and Fall of Freedom in the United States of America, written before the 2012 election, explains how and why our founders established a strong but limited government to protect the freedom of US citizens, describes how it allowed free men to build this great nation, and examines how the progressive destruction of its limits has destroyed our freedom and allowed the people now controlling our government to become our masters.


Will our freedom be completely extinguished by forces currently in motion?  Our ability to restore freedom for our children and grandchildren becomes less certain every day.



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