Last Call for Freedom
Last Call For Freedom
Nick Noel

The Greatest Country of Freedom

The normal function of government is to control the masses for the benefit of a few powerful elites.

The United States is the greatest country of freedom, rights, and opportunity for its people today and in history, because our government was established to SECURE our God Given freedom and equal rights.

But a war against freedom from within has kept the US from ever being as great for black Americans, or for all of us, as Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Adams, and our other founders established it to be.

We can’t change our history, and it won’t help us to dwell in it, but we must recognize the truth about it to make our country as great as we can for all Americans NOW, before we completely lose that ability

The Force Against Freedom

A few rich slave plantation owners used the US to secure their own freedom, but founded the Democratic Party to deny freedom to their black American slaves through politics, lies, and violence.

After Democrats lost their Civil War to protect slavery, they subjected black men to segregation, prison chain gangs, and KKK terrorism. They manufactured racial hatred against them, and lynched innocent men. Frederick Douglas, in his work for freedom, exposed their lies, hoaxes, and methods.

Democrats still keep Americans divided by race today to manipulate and control all of us. Their war is now against the freedom and rights of all common Americans, for their own extreme wealth and power. They partner with communists and everyone who will help them fool us, changing only their methods.

Today, the same class of Democrat elites who owned slave plantations own media and entertainment, Big Banks, Big Tech, Big Pharma, our hospitals, and use our own government to deceive and control us.

Democrat elites reward and corrupt their own party leaders, news reporters, educators, judges, public officials, even some Republicans, to believe they’re helping Democrats fight for our freedom and rights.

Freedom Denied Forever?

When Trump used US government to secure freedom for all Americans, Democrats and their Chinese Communist Party (CCP) allies turned their combined power against him, manufactured a virus pandemic panic, destroyed the wealth of common Americans, committed election fraud, and took control over our US government. If we give up now, we may forever lose our ability to defend our God Given freedom.

Last Call

Read The War Against Black Americans and Freedom by Nick Noel with KCarl Smith. See our you tube videos under Nick Noel the Freedom Writer, God Given Freedom series, and help us stop this war against our freedom. The book is available here, from, and from

The War Against Black Americans and Freedom
by Nick Noel with KCarl Smith

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