Last Call for Freedom
While Black Lives and All
American Lives Still Matter

Last Call For Freedom
Nick Noel

ExodusProject by Alan McIntyre
An Urgent Election Message

You Are Losing Your Freedom

    Whether you’re black, white, red, yellow, brown; old or young, male or female, or even if you can’t decide…

     You, today, are losing your freedom. Your freedom, your security, and your rights are being destroyed, and they will be gone soon if we don’t all wake up and make some changes.

Our Freedom is Almost Gone

    Americans live in the greatest land of freedom, security, peace, and prosperity in the world today, because our country was founded on the principle that all people possess natural rights granted by God, and because of the limited government our founders designed and built to protect us and our freedom.

    But our leaders have corrupted that government to serve an opposite purpose. While they talk about diversity, democracy, and taking care of us, they cause the inequality and the injustices they claim to oppose, and divide us every way they can. They promote violence between us, enable others to commit violence against us, and use it all to help them destroy our rights.

    They regard losses of American lives, especially black lives, as opportunities to build their power over all of us.

    They limit our freedom of religion, speech and the press. They’re working to extinguish those freedoms and our right to self-defense, to make us as helpless against them as the people of China and North Korea are against their government oppressors.

    It’s time to choose, while we still can. When we wake up next year, will we be free men and women? This may be your

Last Call for Freedom

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